Local State Inertia

by Horace Pinker

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released October 7, 2011

Horace Pinker:
Greg Mytych - Bass|Vocals
Bryan Jones - Drums
Scott Eastman - Guitar|Vocals
Guest Players:
Karl Eifrig - Guitar
Elizabeth Elmore - Vocals
Don Meehleis - Guitar

Recorded by Mass Giorgini at Sonic Iguana Studios 2011
Assistant engineer Philip Zumbrun
Design by JP Flexner
Thanks to all our families and friends
C&P OffTime Music 2011


all rights reserved



Horace Pinker Chicago, Illinois

Horace Pinker toured the world relentlessly in more than 21 countries, played some of the biggest festivals, released 8 records, appeared on over 30 compilations, 12 EP's, 2 video compilations, numerous TV shows and features in various magazines. They continue to defy the trends and release records with thoughtful lyrics and powerful music that cannot be pinned down to a simple category or genre. ... more


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Track Name: Local State Inertia
You move like slowly falling rain
Your eyes are empty in a haze
There's no defiance no one brave
It's all cleared up we walk away
Can you describe the local state inertia
Where you live seasons don't change
And you adapt your ways
Rise and fall the peaks will fade
And all your fears allayed
Your eyes adjust to constant shade
When the moment comes we'll look away
This landscape suited to a distant gaze
And only silence can break the sameness
You can't reply the fact remains inertia
So how can we be sure
Of whether this will come and go
Or whether skies just move so slow
Can you enlist the local state inertia
You can't fight back the fact remains inertia
Track Name: Placebo Effect
I am so single-minded
My virtue is a symptom
But the end-stage hasn't come
Bite my tongue open up
What I see it seems so simple
But our time is running out
Every moment make it count
What I see it seems so simple
But our time is running down
Slow and tightly wound
This works like medication
Triggers no reaction
And the cause I always knew
Now I got the answer diagnosis simple
Your prognosis isn't sound
Everything it seems so simple
But our time is running out
Every moment make it count
Track Name: Less Of You
You had so much time to say
What was going on
Stealing words between the songs
Silence filling up
No space to find my tongue
The more I live the more I learn
Everything has just begun
Every trace that slips away
So much less of you each day
I can't wait to get back there
In time hollow out my head
To make it rhyme
This fictional romance for me
I've got no time to read
What is going on
Stealing chapters writing songs
Words are filling up
But the space seems empty
The more I write
The less I have to say
I've got no time to work it out
This moment doesn't seem enough
Track Name: No Frequency
This silence shy
Signal sent to reach out
Past a point I present to you
You sent me down
Out of touch no frequency
Couldn't live without it
No one there to speak out
No one there
Tuned in on stereo
Tearing into me
Stylus needle and ego
Feel the tug
Why take the turn
Pass that station to the other side
Look back at life
When I saw you there
No one was there
Track Name: Into the After
I feel so tired the pavement burns
So uninspired read Salinger
White tree lined, gated, blinds
Chain store suburb rushes by hold
Your eyes on just one spot and focus
Still he took the train drank all night anyway
Right now everything that happens here
Somehow everything that matters
Just a little time I need to move into the after
Just a little time that I take to get on by
Just a little time
Low rent fix a 4-wall lullaby I sing to open up
To get some closure and I'm lost inside my head
Eighteen ways to speed redemption
Bring me to the hospital
The only thing that comes to mind
He said that they're all phonies
Look at me
Track Name: Charms and Pills
Failure can't replace
Who I have to blame
For the memory of this taste
Like a heart just stops one day
Death and sales will wash away
The good and the bad
All the demons that you had
Got charms and pills you should take
Build your strength endure this pain
Glad you got a way
You think that you can deal
With this shame
Cause I just found my place
Walk away
I think I found my place
Won't complain glad you got a way
Cure this sickness snake oil business
Circus side show high tech miracle
But a heart just stops one day
Sudden change in the make that way
Modern-day catastrophe just walk away
Got charms and pills you should take
Build your strength endure this pain
Hey will we all listen up this time
Right now I can't afford to miss my ride
I won't go and disappear this time
Track Name: Works and Days
I can march like Sisyphus
And repeat on an endless loop
I can march like Atlas
With my baggage on my shoulders
All the quiet guilt
Keeps me handcuffed to my boulder
Even now I only think
I need a better cover to disguise
But it's worn off and I call this trepidation
On this worn down road I come
On this rutted path I'm stuck
And I go no hesitation
I don't let myself get too close
Staying at this distance
Won't get burned like Icarus
I always have a steady fear
It's alright I'll stick it out stay
In my own atmosphere
Even now I only think I need a better engine
Won't burn out
But it's worn down
And I call this trepidation
Always out of reach
Track Name: Catch Twenty Two
This well-worn path
We go over and over again
Used to feel so new
I've felt this all before
Some change and you stayed the same
Won't conform to the system
Stayed true
Yeah you got your principles
We so respected about you
Always got your back
We go over and over again
First to stand up for your friends
Last to stand down with
What will be said
When you're not around
Who's in charge
When you are gone
Track Name: The Damage Done
This small town where I'm from
Sound of the road the tune I sung
Insular words undone same old story
Just like anyone
Count the days and I'm done
I close my eyes and I'm gone
Pattern and cycles down
All these echoes of what's been done
Not a line I stole from you
Not the street that we once knew
That it wouldn't last
When I see the damage done
When I listened to what you spun
Almost fell when I was young
Moved out of line to stand as one
Track Name: Synesthesia
Sign that keeps you here
Rooted in this place
See an image near
Green light pitch black
See a vision sound
I'm in motion lost and found
Stare out from this place
Ordinary day
Empty talk can't hear myself
What this dream state takes from me
Empty drink this silence breaks
What this dreamlike stasis takes
Ten years late still the same
What it takes to break away
It's a pact we all observe
Rules an ordinary day
See that green light
Rooted in this place
Pitch black space right
See that green light
Empty talk can't hear myself
What this dream state takes from me
It's a pact we all observe
Rules an ordinary day

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