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Pop Culture Failure

by Horace Pinker

Second Best 04:05
eyes collide with my feet couldn't keep my head up or my vision with the street i fall down in a heap i'm afraid i can't keep fooling anyone but me i'm not what i thought i really want to be but it's like when you're never really satisfied when it comes around to me i'll always second guess second best and it's a sloe gin sippin' away and it's the best you'll never have so when i come around i think you better meet me halfway look around not a sound i have found not one reason a failure it's all i'll be it's a failure it's all i'll be
Supposed To 03:07
as i see these changes in my friends question those decisions my margins closing quickly reevaluate positions sinking deeper every day nervous traits give it away and all those little lies i say i think that everyone's this way someone said unsatisfied but it doesn't capture what i'm trying to describe replace those feelings trapped inside with that commonplace advice what am i supposed to do? it's right in front of you everything everything in another state of mind i find it easy to empathize i wonder why i'm not ahead and making lots of money repeated pattern every day it's laid right there in front of me like an easy kill i'm not prepared to be that victim yet i am supposed to do everything
Closed 03:46
wasting all along wasting all along wasting time you knew so well wishing i was wrong but you knew all along and all the time you wouldn't tell knew all along never let on that it was a lie knew all along never let on but it wasn't right you look away 'cause you're so shy you drink so much you lose your mind you look away
Motor One 03:58
hanging on to the next overpass on this endless road i'm still hanging on to you i got my head caught up in the crowd emotions run on empty fuel i've got nothing more to give except to you so keep your eyes on the road think of what you know keep your eyes on the road think of what you've learned so put your hands back on the wheel and keep your head of out these memories i've got nothing more to say to you think of what you know think of what you've learned think of what you've learned
Seven Hours 02:37
seven hours up all night and so are you makes it right 'cause i've been thinking about you too took a long time to admit to myself i tried to make it how it should have been but never was do you ever think what could have been you asked me once? was i wrong? what were you thinking when i said what were you thinking when i said seven hours up all night and so are you never ask me anything about myself i'll always wonder what you were thinking do you see anything i do?
i can look until my eyes turn from brown to blue and pretend every girl that i see isn't you does it change a thing? we're hopelessly waiting for that letter to arrive well i haven't sent it i'm alone with a pen and paper for the present it's evident my perfect descent it began at the end and as i looked ahead can't even take the first step can't even try to pretend it's all in reverse that bad day got worse your anger insecurity pushed me away and i should have known everything i learned that day but you can never know until you try never know until you try has it changed nothing at all i think i'll try from now on not to start at the end get the conclusion first and then the middle begin do you think it will work for me? breathe out before you suck in maybe i'll try to smoke again it seems to have worked for you when you wanted me and i wanted you and it was such a simple singular point of view an equal equation adds one and one, two one and one, two
Refined 04:05
six miles left to run there's your smoking gun that leads me to the fact you've got no direction i've got a path to go unlike you have no goal i may not rhyme but you've got no reason to write what will be sung to say what will be heard by just like you who have no focus attention there's just one thing i am sure of simplify and refine i don't wonder what you mean when you say it's not hard to understand what you say this is now set in stone don't move around rock the boat it won't be understood within definition looking back now it's easy to see upheld this sorry tradition i turn my back wishing that wishing that slow pace dead on words you say
Chances Are 03:10
when it was just a little smile and words said i forget it's just a memory i can never regret enough to make it up our eyes met made me lose it's just my sanity it makes me wonder if i ever felt before and if i waited this long and i did it all wrong i ever have the chance to make it right leave it behind you shut your eyes and smile this is not a chance to prove anything is your anger enough to make me wanna fight? is it passion enough to make me have to write this is not poetry chances are good it won't happen again in a little black dress cigarette in your hand this is reality
Extra Step 03:48
paint me the sky prove that you even like me come home to the friend i never had drink more than we ever had then i'll see what i never could blinded by the sky it's too hot to breathe so i'll say okay this time again and wish you were the friend i never had so tell me what's on your mind jealousy guarded cautiously it's at the tip of your tongue so you spit instead say you even like me you'll just say i love you and i'll bite my tongue just drink and wait bide the time like nine to five more like six to two we're waiting this desert moves so slow kiss me let's make love and talk about what we always wanted to do but never did let's drink more and more like the heat dance in time 'til all is still and the world says okay one more time again wait and drink think twice more we've got a lot more to say today
Doorway 02:15
you don't show me anything with your eyes won't look behind my words it's a lie separate while we buy a subtle prohibition of real life until time flies you feel enough to open up you don't even care about yourself why should i? look you in the eye and tell you exactly how i feel no words lost to spare a vestige of humility you show everything to me with your life in reverse perpetually it's the truth cuts to the heart like you never could and you can't give a fuck about me 'cause you're stuck your life is a rut permanently
Seasonal 04:55
watching you now like a change from the winter back to fall to the spring skip the cold season never go back again bad advice from familiar faces give it some time and it will all work out in the end where's the punch line nothing gets done when nothing's put in and we're all burned out ask me why someone said facetiously ask me why this time ask me why someone said facetiously ask me why it's time to suffer now


recorded over the course of a year and took another year to release it. i think this record is more akin to power tools than to 'burn tempe to the ground' and it features a return to a two-guitar attack fueled by the addition of californian matt arluck. our friend and part-time spiritual adviser karl 'the hammer' eifrig helped to write and record the album, and wrote some awesome bass lines (although he actually prefers the guitar in his other outfit lynyrd's innards). i think 'second best' is the flagship of the record, so check it out, we hope you like it.


released June 1, 2000

Scott Eastman - Guitar|Vocals
Bryan Jones - Drums|Vocals
Matt Arluck - Guitar|Vocals
Karl Eifrig - Bass|Vocals

Recorded September 1998 - April 1999 at Sonic Iguana Studio in Lafayette, IN
Recorded and Produced by Mass Giorgini and Horace Pinker
Released by Jump Up! Records


all rights reserved



Horace Pinker Chicago, Illinois

Horace Pinker has toured the world relentlessly, playing in more than 20 countries and featured on some of the biggest festivals. They have released 8 full length records, 14 EP's, appeared on over 30 compilations, network TV shows and various magazines. They continue to defy the trends and release powerful music with thoughtful lyrics that cannot be pinned down to a simple category or genre. ... more

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