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Texas One Ten

by Horace Pinker

Polisci101 01:11
there's no regulation and i'm liberated and i'm not afraid in this police state you have a voice and i'm listening no domination, you're liberated don't fear humiliation in this police state you are right now on display, don't you feel much better this way? you have a voice and i'm listening there's competition among friends always, the rule is freedom in this marketplace
time to wake up to sunshine now you don't pretend, don't pretend to sleep at all precious little sleep i get the day is moving past me by a week or two now close my eyes a month or so and now it's time to rise the years rush by now memories fade into the night the night is still so far from my dreams the days they used to seem so long when mornings come and gone and all i have of you are precious little dreams time to wake up black blue skies now you don't pretend, don't pretend to sleep at all precious little sleep i get the years rush by now memories fade into the night the night is all i own and all i see all i own the days they used to seem so long when mornings come and gone and all these memories are all i own
stealing sleep from winter days thinking of ways i have failed the sun goes down when i awake these walls they keep me from my health floor interprets last nights memories these days i'm not myself i search to find the quickest way and then stick around singin' a penny serenade for everyone that's left this place i can't believe it's been that long soon i'll be gone killing time is killing me with cigarettes and broken dreams broken trees and stale footprints drowning in a still white sea and the reflection of me
i punch the air so hard right through it's rusted out and it broke in two cover up the damage lingers on and i smile to pass it on so hard to breathe when the air ran out i exhale to let it out i can't move i can't choose see right here nothing asphyxiated when my time ran out can't you see in the dark? don't you take my hand i always try to fix what's broken down no time to i'm feeling ageless and it's time to leave i'm getting older now i just can't breathe i point the way ahead i'm standing still and you wonder whats going on this life is it doesn't end when the voice carries through it's rusted out and it broke in two cover up the damage lingers on and i smile to pass it on so hard to breathe when the air ran out i exhale to let it out i can't move i can't choose see right here nothing
More At Home 02:33
jaw wired shut like trap your senses cold and numb you're as lifeless as a leaf in fall put you in the stretcher watch you crawl across the street each night makes me wonder if you could do it all over would you still feel more at home drinkin and listening you don't feel so alone more at home room full of strangers that place you call your own every night that you go out i'm at home not thinking of you or milwaukee like that painting left undone you have let yourself become a red-eyed regular just another
thinking through regret i'm making plans i double-check it's hard to know is that voice so close not yet now pack away all those images try to forget next time i take that road i think that i'll be sure that there's a reason that there's a reason i'll be sure static never crossed to polarity i'm a wreck the baggage carried on sent down did not expect i felt that weight the uncertainty all the time it's monumental and magnetic that dream i had
it feels good that the streets are wet small relief from the summer heat small dreams, and memories of sweet tea we seen so much further lost than east but el paso's only a few days back there's nothin' ahead but the tracks this train moves slower the further we get away this notebook's filled and it's only been three days i haven't slept since texas one ten but it's hard without your dreams it's not that i'm getting old, it's just nothin's new to me it hurts more to arrive than leave i never knew it got so cold everyplace i go is close, but know that it's not home el paso seems like years ago and i know now that it is this place moves faster than the roads but i pay no attention to them i still find dreams of texas one ten but it's not from lack of sleep it's not that i'm getting tired i'm just tired of staying awake
it's not subtle manipulation i'm back home again and i can settle down back east new jersey and it's fucked up doesn't make me laugh now stare down skyline bye falling through this time i lost my motivation falling through on time forgot to say my line i tried to make it but it never came together seemed contrived drive down lakeside take one thousand misdirection and it seems far from my mind not in real time don't wonder why drive one thousand miles
If You Fall 03:10
if you fall on your sword you might be a saint or you might be a martyr you stand up straight learn to think but you follow blindly the days are plain walk the lane grip on sane catch the train to leave yourself just left on the out bound lane turn around talk out loud don't make a sound hum to yourself happy you were born with a spoon in your mouth it was wrong what they said it's true what they said one at time all my friends come down i've seen the lights and i've heard the sirens sound but we still wear the crown and the ground seems like a lovely place to lay call it freedom justified kingdom pleased by places that you've never been selling stories that you've never seen past your screen
Half Way 02:28
hardly walking and regressing so passive here is it empty satisfying writing words no one hears he threw that bottle and he threw away our time sometimes i think it was the only way i could make you smile you go halfway second guessing happens every time in that doorway one decision right you go halfway second guessing falling hard this time in that doorway one decision right work forever it's so hard so uninspired is this why this town is second rate i see through words remember what they signify i'd like to see it on a canvas you create
he never walked around in the dark convinced just think of all that's happened around here it's logical the odds against it but recall and fear the only light revealed an imitation of what's really real don't you look too hard cause i won't be far with panic mind could hardly steer clear of what was there the everyday the midst of letdown failure makes no sense resonate without sounding too cliché drown out that voice screaming someone else's fault inchoate but logical
Still Life 02:41
stop in between the lies this is one you never will complete don't you want that old trusty forty-five to fire you've been turned outside so ironic that it never happened transferred base to base wasnt brought out in the war made you learn to hide want to go and die turn over shelved and locked away still life falling down stop your memories don't you want that old trusty forty-five to fire in the face of all that you wanted and desired those details all remain so flawlessly retold stories fifty-five years old never leave


took us over two years - multiple recording sessions, emails, phone calls, internet mixing sessions and scheduling hell, but we got it done. i can't even tell you how difficult it was to put this all together. between our everyday lives and mass' schedule, i never thought this would get finished (and so did a lot of other people) but here we are. we recorded 15 songs and 12 of them turned into 'texas one ten'. it was recorded by our longtime producer mass giorgini and phillip hill from 'the teen idols' was kind enough to lay down some backing vocals on a few songs.

so why did it take so long? it comes down to "life" - since 'pop culture failure' and 'copper regret' were released i got married, scott has gotten marrried (and had a beautiful baby girl), and finished his phd in history. plus we also had two new members join the band in 2001. greg mytych on bass and don meehlies guitar, which has solidified the best line up this band has had to date. this record is proof of that.

recording texas one ten began after my mother lost her two-year battle with colon cancer in may of 2002. she inspired much of this record and the title of the record comes from highway 110 texas, which runs through a small town in east texas called mount sylvan, where she grew up and where she's buried. one of our biggest supporters, mom was a regular at our shows in el paso, and we could always count on her for a place to stay and the best meal we'd have on tour. all of our tours in the '90s started in el paso, where we'd use my parents' house to practice before we hit the road. we also wrote a lot of our early songs there too. she loved the other guys in the band and treated them like her own.
more important, though, she always pushed me to follow my dreams and to never give up. she was the kindest, most genuine person i have ever known, so we're dedicating this record to her memory. it's a small tribute to a person whose exceptional life deserves to be celebrated.

in memory of jana stevenson jones
december 30, 1946 - may 26, 2002


released May 5, 2005

Scott Eastman - Guitar|Vocals
Bryan Jones - Drums|Vocals
Don Meehleis - Guitar|Vocals|Keyboards
Greg Mytych - Bass|Vocals

Recorded July 2002 - October 2004 at Sonic Iguana Studios Lafayette, IN
Recorded and produced by Mass Giorgini and Horace Pinker
Released on Thick Records
Design by Dom Gianneschi


all rights reserved



Horace Pinker Chicago, Illinois

Horace Pinker has toured the world relentlessly, playing in more than 20 countries and featured on some of the biggest festivals. They have released 8 full length records, 14 EP's, appeared on over 30 compilations, network TV shows and various magazines. They continue to defy the trends and release powerful music with thoughtful lyrics that cannot be pinned down to a simple category or genre. ... more

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